About OffSite

As wonderful as the internet is, it’s becoming a harder place to exist for almost everyone. Advertisers mass-distribute ads wherever and however they can. Content creators play along because they have to in order to survive. The end result is that users endure spammy, distracting interfaces all across the web.

At OffSite, our mission is to make the web a better place for everyone: users, audience owners and advertisers.

How we’re solving the problem

We’ve built a marketplace and ad placement tool that will allow audience owners to monetize the value they’ve created without junking their sites up with ads, sharing their pixels or selling their customer data.

What’s more, with OffSite, audience owners can actually view and approve the ads that their audiences will see after visiting their site (or reject an advertiser if it’s not a fit).

Advertisers get to choose from a marketplace of incredibly targeted 2nd-party audiences audiences, drastically increasing the relevance of ads to users (and thus, ROI).

Wait, doesn’t this already exist? 

Similar paradigms exist, but they are problematic.

  • Pixel sharing is risky—audience owners can’t control what their audience sees.
  • There are DMPs and data brokerages, but they’re expensive, hard to use and take time to implement.
  • 2nd-party data marketplaces force audience owners to rent or sell customer data.

OffSite allows audience owners to share audiences with a few clicks and advertisers to launch campaigns in hours, not weeks.

About Our Team

We’re a group of software developers, digital marketers and data analysts who have spent decades in the marketing technology space. We’ve used almost every tool out there and we’ve built our own.

Eric Dodds

Mason Stewart

Peter Barth

Kara Mansel
Software Engineer

Paul Graham
Lifecycle Marketing

Vicky Hammond
Product Manager

Andrew McIntee
Product Designer

Audrey Sperry
Software Engineer

Benji Walvoord

Elizabeth Speaker
Customer Success