The Best Retargeting Platform for Your Business

Retargeting is a valuable component of any company’s marketing mix. Find the best retargeting platform for your business from our list below.

What is a Retargeting Platform?

Retargeting (or remarketing) is all about trying to capture a potential customer a second, third or fourth time. To do this, cookies are dropped onto a user’s computer as they surf the web. Cookies are a web-tracking device. They carry useful information about a user’s interactions with the website that sets them.

For example, you are looking for a new lawnmower and you go to a hardware website to browse their selection. Maybe you click through a few products and read reviews. You may even put a lawnmower into your shopping cart. You’re still considering your options, so you don’t make your purchase right away.

An hour later, you visit another website to read about lawn care. Subsequently, an ad pops up for the exact lawnmower you were considering. Behold, the power of retargeting. Furthermore, you will likely see this lawnmower several more times in the coming week.

In other words, retargeting is a powerful tool to continue to influence a customer through their purchasing process. If they don’t make a purchase the first time, you gain many more opportunities to influence their decision.

To clarify, here is how Google defines retargeting/remarketing:

Remarketing is a way to connect with people who previously interacted with your website or mobile app. It allows you to strategically position your ads in front of these audiences as they browse Google or its partner websites, thus helping you increase your brand awareness or remind those audiences to make a purchase.

Google Ads

The Best Retargeting Platforms

1. Google Ads Remarketing

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that Google’s ad platform leads the way in retargeting. There are several ways to remarket with Google ads.

  1. Standard Remarketing: Show ads to past visitors through the Google Display Network as they browse websites and apps.
  2. Dynamic Remarketing: Include products or services in your ads that people previously browsed on your website or app.
  3. Remarketing Lists for Search Ads: Show ads to your past visitors, as they do follow-up searches after they leave your website.
  4. Video Remarketing: Show ads to people who have interacted with your videos.
  5. Customer List Remarketing: With Customer Match, upload a list of contacts. When those people are signed in to a Google platform, your ads appear across different Google products.

2. Facebook and Instagram

Facebook is another leader in the retargeting domain. Their platform maintains 1 billion active users. Facebook’s Custom Audiences is an extension of Facebook Ads. You can build your Custom Audience by installing a Facebook pixel on your website.

This pixel enables you to build your audience and customize it based on pages visited or by email subscribers. Furthermore, you can segment your audience by demographics, geo-targeting, and website actions.

Similarly, Instagram offer a pretty sophisticated retargeting service. Since Instagram is owner by Facebook, it works the same way as Facebook, with a Facebook Ads account to set up your target audience and launch ads. Above all, Instagram boasts over 300 million users!

3. AdRoll

AdRoll is a great tool for connecting with multiple marketing platforms. They connect with e-commerce sites like Shopify and Magento. In addition, they connect with marketing tools like Mailchimp and Marketo. AdRoll integrates with Google, Facebook and email. Most importantly, AdRoll allows you to bring customers in from abandoned shopping carts.

4. Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience is a powerful tool that offers mobile retargeting, dynamic retargeting, web retargeting and Facebook retargeting. It works with top networks including Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, Bing and Rubicon. Another great benefit of Perfect Audience? If you partner directly with other businesses, you can serve ads to their audience list.

5. Offsite

But, what if you could target the audience of other businesses, without needing to partner directly with them? Offsite provides unprecedented targeting for marketers. Through the marketplace, website owners can share their audiences with advertisers, without having to share pixels or sell any customer data.

For example, if your company sells athletic shoes, you may use Offsite to target additional audiences. Through the platform, you may select to target a running website’s retargeting audience.

Offsite will serve your ad for athletic shoes through the running website’s retargeting audience. To clarify, your ads will not appear on the running website. Instead, your ads are shown to the retargeting audience for the running website. In other words, your ads for athletic shoes appear where the running website’s retargeting ads would appear.

To sum up, Offsite gives marketers the ability to reach highly targeted, qualified audiences, without needing to secure partnerships, share pixels, or purchase customer data.

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