How OffSite Works

OffSite allows anyone on the web to share their audience with advertisers. Audience owners approve what ads are run, ensuring the most relevant ads possible, and no user information is exchanged at all.

For Audience Owners

Create additional revenue streams without changing anything.

Options for monetizing your audience were once limited to paywalls, subscriptions, more banner ads or even selling your customer data.

With just a few clicks, you can offer your audience to highly-relevant advertisers without compromising any customer data.

For Advertisers

The most valuable 2nd-party audiences you want to target are now available, without having to mess with private networks or DMPs.

Go beyond standard retargeting methods and target property-specific audiences offsite.

The OffSite marketplace gives you access thousands of third-party, highly-qualified, low-funnel audiences with only a few clicks.

We’re only accepting 5 early-access partners.

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